yes i feel like blahin (yes its a word) dis morn.cud u quit wit d starrin,yes am talkin 2 u.yes i reall hv nuttin 2 say 2,jus i sound like a broken vinyl.k,i feel like brandishin a lil self hatred nt physically of course.u knw hw they say som ppl cud stop traffic?well,in my case,i aint som ppl.instead of stoppin traffic,i make d driver run ova me,it aint finishd,then he reverses ova my body to make sure am stil down.runs ova me again n reverses jus  4 gd measure.then finally runs (of course hittin me again).
now behave yaself b4 i unleash myself on u.dat jus sounds wrong on soo many levels
gta somalia.available in stores evrywhere

One thought on “blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah

  1. sHUT UP YOU, YOU KNOW THERES NOWT WRONG WITH THE WAY YOU LOOK.Haha, I was having a (admittedly rather drunken) conversation about this song the other day, so m,any meanings, *tee hee!*

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