ratha deep

"……..Ignorance is Bliss and Stupidity is Learned. Wars make Money, Education creates Freedom. Thinking is not optional, it is a requirement from our origin."
found dis gem in 1 of d weirdest places.where?u ask.in a review of syriana.2 whoeva wrote dat kudos.+ u made sm typos which i correctd n am sure u jus did copy n paste.how do i knw?1.u aint like me n 2.d caps n 3.d spaces n 4.if u read d whole,u’d knw n 5.theres no 5.
anyhoo,well done.n 2 those who like/dont like d movie tough luck.but 1 things 4 sure,d spoonfeedin of rubbish plotlines n co sud stop soon.more tot provokin/eye openin movies (dats wat syriana’s like 2 loads of yanks) sud b made.yes i luv som mindless blowin up like XXX2(was d prison xscape really necessary) n co like d nxt person,but its v refreshin 2 hv a gd mind bogglin n/or tot provokin movie 2.balance is all we need.
2 whom it may concern,u aint a scriptwriter,leave d damn lappy alone!

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