dats jus scary

Dish says: 11-6-2005 6:08 PM
you a off the hook yo face kick ass yu a boom


nt dat i hate asses or anytin.apparently,i hv 1,but it seens 2b receedin.dis jus scarrd d shit out of me.wat d bloody blazes is "yu a boom" am guessin its ur d bomb,but am feignin ignorance (hw com i think dats d wrong spellin,english has been failin me 2dy)


 i luv d hat

Tejan says: 8-8-2005 12:19 PM
Hi Dear, what a pretty girl u r, no wonder th guy cant help it but say a word or two. Well a fell victim and must commend u d gift given to u from the Maker. Take care of u self ya, may be u be Miss UK some day. Please advise hi5 IT Admin. to add more memory here cuz we d tutu sojaman dem go fill up d available space. Cheers now Alimtej

apparently,he was lockd up


Hil says: 9-24-2005 2:17 PM
I believe kissing those lips and looking deep into those eyes would be a small slice of heaven here on earth! 🙂




i aint jealous,jus jobless,u’ll b gettin loads of these.trappins of no job

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