Anne Lesley Groell

dear ms. groell,when in God’s name r u releasin’ ur 4th cloak n dagger book (Dungeons of the Moon)?i’ve been waitin rather patiently,it stil hasnt been published,y?r u waitin 4 xmas?hon……its jus around d corner.n y is it not published in d uk?its rather tiresome goin on (where som bastard was chargin 45quid 4 a book) or on,where u c only 1 once in a blue ms groell,r u eva gonna realease it or do we (me n d other fans) hv 2 beg u 4 it??
in more groell related news,if any1’s interestd,i hv an anne lesley groell msn group.u cud join (then i wil finally putsmtin in there,yes in tru dobi style,its empty)
c’mon ms groell unleash jen n thib bck in our lives.we r gettin cranky

One thought on “Anne Lesley Groell

  1. Too funny…I completely agree with you.  I am addicted to Ms. Groell’s blend of fantasy, and the multilayered story lines.  I think I was about 17 when I first picked up one of her novels, and they blew me away.  I wonder if  there’s any way to contact her and find out?Best,Jaelle

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