hi5 testimonials

yes,its dat time of d day,dont worry am off 2 hit d books after dis
anyhoo,i hv seen som really strange n funny testimonials n som v cheesy comments.am sure they r results of excitement,typos,blindness n shear stupidity.oh well,lets get on wit it
Moju says:

u look somuch like phareal are u bothers or relasted.take care

Adaobi says: 10-19-2005 5:18 PM
KK,u hv a follower.@said follower,huh?u sure u went 2 specsavers?
Keshiro says: 7-16-2005 2:36 AM
I was in a cathedral when I got down on my knees and worshipped you, mistook you for an angel without those two celestial wings. Babe you are 2 much

yea,dats me.on a friend’s hi5 pic’s page

Uchenna says: 10-10-2005 3:38 AM
hello she my name is uche am a hi5 member i will like to know u as a friends .am from nigeria,am 19of age. i have seen ur picture sooo sweet sooo nice plz hello back

same friend’s page.poor guy needs a chic quickly

Timi says: 10-5-2005 4:27 AM
SHAZAAAAAAAAAAAM GIRL! u look like WHAO! u got this look that keeps lingerin on my mind yet u look so inni-cent it makes a grown mannnn wanna cry! keep being pretty girl u make the place go BANG BANG BOOM! holla back @ this buoi coz i feel u

anoda friend’s page,as i said b4 shear stupity

Uche says: 8-15-2005 8:11 AM
u look like christmas morning

same friend,hw does xmas morn look like???

Addie says:

Yep! The stupid but fun beautiful damsel! Stupid cus she said she’s married! IT"S A FUCKING LIE! And Ada if u don’t put this up ur testimonial i will kill ya! This girl na wetin naijans dey call WE RE As in <MAD PERSON>She fit do anything u least xpect am to do but she’s always there for u and ready to support u wen she can that’s y wen u get to know her u’ll love her even more! Blah…………………………Blah……………………Blah…….baa baa black sheep!


yup,my 1 n only testimonial.i agree wit everytin xcept d beautiful part,i look more menacin.

Kevin says: 10-15-2005 12:44 PM
You just like Angel

on my cuz’s page.which angel,d vampire??or d celestial bein?


k,i cant b bovverd again,i hv seen really weird n gd 1s but anoda time,after thursday.when my clases end.



till then,keep up d gd work


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