Trapped in d closet chapters 6-12

yes am back again wit dis song(s) aka ghetto drama.dis song as more drama than gen hospital,passions,sunset beach,all my children,days of our lives,lovin n evry other soap opera i hv watchd in my lifetime english,spaniish,french,portugese,indian included,yesw i’ve watchd a lot,som willingly,som not so willingly,d rest heard em in my sleep.
anyhoo,bck 2 d song(s),well,if u heard d 1st 5,u’d knw sylvester (nt d cat,r.kelly’s character) slept in anoda chic’s house (conviently on d 5th floor),kathy’s (said chic) husband,a pastor (rufus),came home had some hanky panky wit his wife.durin said hanky,sylvester’s phone rings (hes trapped in d closet,hence d title).rufus obviously hears d phone.this gettin ratha lengthy.syl pulls out his beretta n a v interestin affair is revealed.turns out rufus is also on d down low wit anoda man (chuck,who we find out is a deacon in ch 12).anyhoo,syl calls his phone………….n a guy answers it.dats only 1-3,in 4 his stoppd by a cop (y?dude’s speedin,hes obviously pissd,duh!)in 5,turns out his wife (gwendolyn) slept wit said policemen (who she met thru kathy,yes she knws rufus n chuck)
now about said 6-12,6 starts wit syl laffin wat wud u do,cry?he tells her bout d stuff dat happend (minus d names),they both laff it off.d cop (1st he was calld billy,then he bcame james)  comes bck out of concern,thinks gwen’s in d end,syl n james hv a showdown (western style),som1 gts shot.7,turns out gwen’s bro (twan) got shot,ends wit rosie,d nosy neighbour,wit a spatula,which happens 2b facin 2 guns (courtesy of syl n twan).8,d policeman goes home 2 his wife (bridget),smtin smells fishy.9,searches d kitchen n finds a midget (big man,dont ask!).10,james ruffin up big man.bridget calls kathy (she found her no in her hubby’s wallet),syl n twan come 2 d rescue.11,we find out y big man’s calld big man.we also find out whos d baby’s daddy (bridget’s preggers).12,bck 2 rufus’ joint.agruments n threats amock.gwen calls n finds out twas kathy uh bout spoilers.all in all,i luv dis song
my fingers killin me………go check ur closet

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