God bless cute 73 yr old men…….

……………dat help clueless 20 yr old women find their way 2 d uni of cardiff student union.if u gatherd wat am talkin bout,gd on ya! if u hvnt,go bck 2 skool dufuss! n em,my guild group’s calld nexon we dont knw d full meanin,but it has somtin 2 do wit nigeria,we call it d nigerian society associatin or somffin like dat,i knw v v helpful.
well,i hv a root manuvra (rubbish speller,arnt i?) gig 2nite, God bless JD,4 makin me a winner!y didnt i win 4 decemba,wud hv gone 2 d black eyed peas concert,oh well……..
i leave u wit grandpa boondock’s dreams,srry ms aguilera,i had nuttin 2 do wit it
The Boondocks

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