ahh,d 13yr old git lives!

em,d young’n wants ta fight wit me,talk bout d wrong crazy chic 2 mess wit.err….srry 2 spoil ur day,but i hv a boo,nw gt ur insignificant (useless,bus-faced,flat-assd,confused,insecure n idiotic) self off my "sight".oh,n young’n,u really dont want 2 start smtin do u?tot so.now scat!
or we cud settle dis in 5yrs time,at least my conscience wont botha me
btw,u sud stop talkin bout urself like dat,it aint healthy…if u think am jokin look at her msn name-StewpideGitAlways yes ppl,i kid u nt.

One thought on “ahh,d 13yr old git lives!

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