i really really really really……….

………really really really really need 2b kissed.shockin isnt it?note 2 ppl out there neva attempt a long dist relationship,its highly gratin 4 d body soul,mind etc gosh i reallyy need 2b kissed,badly.it mite b slimy n all,but its rather rewardin.yes em i realy need it.am goin loco correction-i hv always been loco.
2 manless gals (n guys) dont trip,if i cud gt 1…………..anybody cn (yes,even u guys – mike myers,jason,freddy,spawn,alien,predator n all those scary mo-fos)

4 thoughts on “i really really really really……….

  1. Get the hintyou’re too ugly to ever be kissed. disgusting to be honest. I wouldnt hope if i wer u ur most likely to die a virgin in being kissed etc anything to do with guys. so quit the hope and climb quietly into a fridge while ur adulthood ends. no hope for u. we must all give up quite clearly NOONE EVEN WANTS YOU./ aww how sad. not.go die bitch.

  2. What a little bitch! She has a boyfriend, which you would have found out if you had the ability to read, and is moaning about "long distance relationships". Yes, relationships. Which is more than you will ever have if you carry on acting like a spoilt child.

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