y is it,when its my turn 2 call my potential boss,i gt voicemail?yes,even on both numbers!2 diff ppl same agency
then 2 top it off,i send a msg askin y dis is so?potential boss calls it rude i really jus hv bad luck,dont i? i call it d adaobi syndrome.y?once any1 sees my no. on their mobiles,they ignore it.will definately stick 2 callin landlines in d future……..well dats d end of dat quest 4 a job,no way they r gonna hire me now jus think of d refs they’d give me………oh boy.
as we r on d topic of joblessness,i mite as well carry on talkin bout my rubbish life……..i really need an image change "now she thinks shes a therapist",shit jus remberd i need 2 buy a formal wear (a dress or like aaaaarrrggghh!).been neglectin a lot of things n after hearin all dat  bad q news wit d xception of som hilarious n scandalous 1s "RAH RAH" me thinks its time 2 take my life more seriously,dat cud hv been me,afta d fiasco dat was my 1st yr,i cant keep wastin my folks thinks it’s time 2 use dis brain of mine dat ppl blive i hv n start blivin in myself a little
me thinks,d incomin 2-0 is makin a woman out of me,d crowd goes "HUH?!"

One thought on “Joblessness

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