Faces of hi5

yes,am in hi5 state of mind,am gettin a life 2morow along wit a clean room.anyhoo,these r d faces of som ppl on my network.sm i knw,sm i hv no clue
i actually knw dis child,tunde,pls tell me where u got d earring?dnt knw dis dude from heaven or hell,but its a nice pick tho.ope,no worry eh,dey go open d canteen soon no vex-o.
 ibim,our resident 9jan,dat thinks shes mixed race/oyinbo
 dats KK,my v own pain in d ass
so far theres only 1 person,i dont actually knw,hi5’s been actin up
som dreamer who wants 2b presdent,in d great words of d brand new heavies "dream on dreamer,life is in d way"
he thinks,he has a nice bod,cue,same sng pls.
seal,tell dis dude 2 give u bck ur look.
dats my cuz buchi,hes lookin 4 a wife,help him out.
dats it,4 now,tune in nxt time 4 d random pics of hi5.mayb their server wil b feelin betta then.until nxt time "i hv no catchphrase"

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