d dress *shivers*

wonderin y its in entertainment???well any1 who knws me,knws i aint a dress person.anyhoo…..em…..since ur d only person readin dis…….wat do ya think?close my eyes n buy a dress dat wud do 2 my ass,wat d versace did 2 jlo boobs go watch dat particular vma awards,cnt remba which yr,go google it?or go in casual formal,som black jeans,a suit jacket n a wonderbra where did dat com 4rm,i said casual formal,not trashy formal,dat wud b intrestin,where wud i hide my tummy?*mmm wonders*
jus remberd anoda dilemma,am goin  cardiff,d nxt week after n i’ve been been told 2 dress sexy *imajin dat*.stil wonderin,where d heck am i gonna get d money from??!
useless fact of d day:"am not a gal,not yet a woman"sound familiar?anyhoo,it means shes 20.y?b4 20 ur a teengr (a gal) after dat (21 n above),ur an adult.
am fillin generous,is d glass half empty or half full?its half empty,if ur takin (or sud i say drinkin) out of it.n half full if ur pourin into it

2 thoughts on “d dress *shivers*

  1. no hon,my friend’s an organiser 4 d 2nd event,she said i sud dress sexy cuz she knws i’d probly com in baggy jeans.d 1st 1’s an awards nite 4 my guild group nexon (a 9jan thingy),its formal event

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