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10 misconceptions about women
By Susan Hayden

As smart and capable as men can be, it’s a wonder that most have yet to figure out women. To help, we approached a variety of women with some of the more common male perceptions of them and found out what they are really thinking. Though a highly subjective survey, here are some of the more interesting truths revealed from woman to man:

10. Man: Today’s woman wants to be independent.
Woman: Yes, I may want my own job and my own life, but you should be aware that I also want the security of knowing that if I decide to stop working or get fired, you will take care of me for the rest of my life.

9. Man: Women dress provocatively so men will hit on them.
Woman: No, I dress this way to look good — to everyone. I don’t necessarily want you to lust after me or even talk to me. Admire me, maybe — just don’t come introduce yourself and expect me to hop in bed with you.

8. Man: Women always want to know what I’m "thinking."
Woman: I don’t necessarily want to know your innermost feelings — I’m just curious about what goes on in that thick skull during downtime.

7. Man: Women are high-maintenance.
Woman: No, women just have more things to maintain — face, legs, bikini lines, etc.

6. Man: Along those same lines, women spend a lot of time in the bathroom.
Woman: I think men think we do this for them, when in reality, we do it for ourselves. The sexiest thing in the world is confidence, and I’ve learned as I grow older that it’s not the style of my hair or my clothes, but how I feel in them and whether or not I feel at my best and most powerful. When I’m feeling hot is when I get the most head turns.

5. Man: She’s after me for my money.
Woman: Women marry for love first, money second.

4. Man: Women blame everything on PMT.
Woman: If you had piercing bolts of pain down your back and felt like a keg was strapped to your belly two weeks out of every month, you would give blame where it’s due, too. At least we let you know the cause of our whining and tantrums, and if we don’t, you should already have it marked in your calendar with a note to bring us chocolate ice cream.

3. Man: Once married, or even in a long-term relationship, women are not interested in physical intimacy.
Woman: I’m just tired from taking care of you and your offspring.

2. Man: Women are too emotional.
Woman: Re-read #8, and get over it.

1. Man: Women are hard to read.
Woman: Pay attention. You’ll get it eventually.

am guessin d guys r stil lost

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