cancelld shows

doncha wanna shoot those fat cats dat cancell all d gd shows??especially fox,geez!they cancelld dark angel twas v pissin,yea wit dat bloody cliffhanger in season 2;firefly i’ve no idea hw it was but d movie’s made me a fan,+am a big joss whendon fan,i blive wat dat reviewer said "in a parallel  universe,whendon wud hv written n directed  star wars"jus imajin no wooden dialogue;futurama…gosh if i get dat bastard dat said scrap it………..he’d wish i was a reaver,yes b afraid chicken head (nt u em);tru callin….seriously dat dudes dead meat!n there r stil runnin d simple life!life aint fair!
well,other non-fox cancellations,witchblade……… amnesia’s caught up wit me.srry folks dats all she wrote.
wat show do u miss,dats been cancelld,since its only em dat wud reply,do tell

2 thoughts on “cancelld shows

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