what’s up doc?

not buggy’s catch phrase,its a movie an old 1….i think 1972 2b precise.gosh,i luvd dat movie,laffd my ass off.if u hate barbra streisand,then dont watch it…….i think it my fave streisand film,she even lookd really pretty in it.d dude dat plays annette scarvo’s father-in-law is in it…..who?!desperate housewives dufuss,c’mon d woman wit d horrible twins n co?stil dont get it?!stupid says wat…….wat?!i rest my case.
wat in God’s name am i listenin 2?????galaxy is playin a song by nivea n r. kelly calld let it go i think,my bad they jus said d name is TOUCHING bloody hell,its talkin bout sex wit ur partner,talk bout direct.i hv only 1 lec 2morow YES YES YES YES YESSSSSS!!betta than herbal essence.saw d new h&m ad in d cinema,bloddy long!n mary j blige wat 2 caked up in make-up,stupid…….d’oh!
som chic is killin luther vandross’ classic here n now,d dude cryin n rollin in his grave…hes actually dyin all ova again,poor fella
stupid still says wat…………..wat?!

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