its here again

its d time of d month were i big up som random fella from hi5.k since they’ve changed d thingy u can  c new membas anymore n i aint dat bored,2 check em all,i wil pick a guy 4rm my netwrk dat i dont knw,yes its stil a lot of em hv d body but not d face.c’est la vie.
they seem 2b a lot of pretty boys here but i decided 2 pick 1 wit 9jan descent who sent 9jans arnt fine.hes d kind of guy u’d find in ur neighbourhood…ova here lots of randy 1st yrs
accordin 2 d thing his name’s ade n hes in Silver Spring, if ur dat desperate go look 4 him
i think am losin my maniless,yes am bored.i wil gt a life…soon…..btw em cud i hv urs??i hv a 9am lec n am stil awake,1 word – screwd

4 thoughts on “its here again

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my spaceYeah i have seen my blog entry loads of times tooBut its so sweet:) Lol.Cool space by the way.xxxCya

  2. what do you want my life for?Serenity is a good film if you like firefly ( the series it came from… ooh, mal is sooooooooo lovely), but nightwatch is utter arse, i’m sorry to say. i got really bored, and appreciated the popcorn.i have a 9oclocker too, isnt it awful? and i had one this morning, woke up at 8.30, legged it from my house to uni (normally 20ish mins, today, 9) and all tjhe way over campus, only to find it was cancelled – ARSEHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!awww, nits not the lecturers fault….GO TO SLEEP!

  3. 2 QUESTIONS1: Who is that guy – he looks like someone has just shot him with a stun gun2: Why is my computer blinking?I expect answers.

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