as u cn c i cant sleep as usual cant remba d last time i slept b4 4am.anyhoo,i startd lookin at my blogs n realised dat i startd writinit 2 vent out my frustrations there were plenty,either ppl related (my x-flatmates,bloody buggers) or xm related.which means i was writin 4 bout a mnth n stoppd then strtd again in septemba yes am rantin i cnt help it its my randomness……..
anyhoo,i actually read all of em k 98%,hey dont hate n i stil hv only 1 regular person em.mayb,i sud b a tad…………adaobi shut up now!…..yes ma!voice in my head…..anywayz,i actually caught myself laffin at my own shit i aint dat bad,i sud b a professional critic,simon cowell (wateva his surname is) has nuttin on me.i’d probably b stoned 2 death n no insurance comp wud take me.all bodyguards wont take me,talk bout not takin d bullet.even d fbi,cia,sss n all their international equivalent will not take me……….ok am stoppin now
wow i really knw hw 2 go on n on n on n on….shut up already!
as u cn c i’ve 4gotten wat i was bout 2 say,jus typical me,yea kano got dat from me.

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