answers here they com!!

i hv n idea,who he is em,all i knw dat we used b in d same msn group n his a friend of a friend of a friend ahhhh d beauty of hi5,i really hv no clue!!!
i sud put pics of guys more often,bloody hell!em,as u cn imagine i woke up by 8.34 n u well realise i went bck 2 sleep,missed an in-ta-rest-in lec,well c’est la vie i’ve been sayin dis 4 sm odd reason lately.watchd serenity,em its bloody fant-fuckin-tastic!joss whendon’s a whiz wit his pen………flippin witty y did d pilot die??n river kills ass…..bloody hell wont want 2 get in a fight wit i certainly recommend dis movie.
watched pride n prejudice,wasnt dat bad.but nuttin beats bbc version…..God bless colin firth,d tru mr darcy.wel bck 2 life now,jus had my ass kickd by d rain imagin d only day i decide nt 2 wear my coat,it rains.well,well,well,mite as well apologise 2 squid 4 d stupid person dat pretended 2 b me d stupid idiot pickd d wrong woman…yes am a woman,whos dat laffin?!d sod sud hv pickd a betta identity 2 steal.
yes em,i wud like ur life,nt ur man jus ur any1 pay 4 my baby’s ticket n visa?


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