eureka!i remba!

i wantd u yarn bout d pussycat dolls’ wait a minute ft timbaland.been playin d song on repeat on my pone.d song’s bloody catchy mayb its jus me,yup its jus me.its a shame dat only nicole (d lead singer) dat sings 99.9% sounds familiar,think destiny’s child with all d past n present membas n still beyonce…………..
anyhoo i think they sud let d others sing esp melody gosh i sound like a 12 yr old.
well dats all folks cuz me thinks i’ve 4gotten again mayb it sud b my catchphrase….
u tot it was smtin v important,srry mate,its life its neva – fair

2 thoughts on “eureka!i remba!

  1. hate pussycat dolls! but each to their own. i do like evanescence, franz ferdinand, queen, alanis morrisette, alicia keys that you do have on there

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