dont u like it……

……..when u listen 2 a song n d singer seems 2 knw wat he/she/it is doin?e.g hearin s club 8 (juniors,munckins or wateva they r calld these days) singin bout luv i think it was calld fool no more.4 christsakes!d oldest was 11 mayb 13 at d time,jeez luv my arse!they hadnt got out of their nappies at d time……if ur an s club8 fan,u cud vent ur anger,i wish.
anyhoo,as i was sayin,d song am really feelin rite nw is i sud hav cheatd by keyshia cole.she seems 2 knw wat shes on bout,u knw when ur hearin 4rm som1 whos caught her man cheatin yea dat kind of thing.wit d way she sings it,bloody hell,u blive her.all her exs sud b shot n praised.
2 u it mite b a horse’s ass horse’s donkey ,2 me it’s a bloody gd srry great,beautiful n beautifully sung song. dats enuff english 4 2dy
shot cuz they were fools.praisd cuz we’d neva hv this great song.

2 thoughts on “dont u like it……

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