i stil say they sud b shot

yes,i was a fresher last yr,but i neva came bck drunk-disorientd-stupid-yellin-like-a-fuckd-up-bugger-n-d-like.i did come bck smellin of fags n weed (disgustin combo,smokers of all variety sud b shot as well).infact i jus relievd dat experience v recently,went 2 westwood’s thingy,paid a fuckin tenner,beginin of term n am broke already!i had no lecs yesday (once in a lifetime reward,use it wisely).
btw:em i stil really dont knw where we r meant 2 write d shit,if we r meant 2 pay,they sud 4gerrabout it
 i think i got d mafioso tin
yes,if ur a smoker u sud b shot as well.pls take ur cancer wit u.i motion u guys sud b in plastic bubbles.who 2nds?

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