blah blah blah

as u can c i cnt sleep,n am bored(surprise surprise).anyhoo,so i’ve been lookin at pics of friends n ppl on my hi5 netwrk here we go again bloody hell,i seem 2 knw lookers,then i c meself n am like damn u ugly!its times like these u’d wnt 2 sue God [hold up,am i crazy?!uh….me thinks so]well me’s goin ta sleep now hopefully
disclaimer:i did not sue God,kids,adults n stupid`(yea u).do not try dis at home,work or anywhere,unless u’d luv 2 receive a lot of wrath -hey em remba d game we played at Q – nite all (more like morn but wat d heck!)

One thought on “blah blah blah

  1. hahahHA! That game is great. i’m bored – moved into my new house on monday… i think i’ll look up that website aqgain and give it another go 😀

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