ahh,dat is d question

well em,i hv no bleepin clue watsoeva –tryin nt 2 swear,give me a sec,it il wear off – i think my form thingy’s at home +am a cheapskate aint no chance in …….aaargh!fuck it am swearin….hell am payin.talkin bout old am goin 2b 20 in less than 2mnts.oh n em am tryin 2 gt a job.need i say more?
told u it’d wear off

2 thoughts on “ahh,dat is d question

  1. bloody hell girlie! in your own immortal words, ‘chill’i am very confused… i had it in my head that your birthday is in november…am i wrong? if so, tell me now! please tell me when it is so that i can send happy birthday ness your way!

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