am in d 2nd yr!

give meself a scare bck there.i apologise 2 d ppl dat wantd me 2 fail,i knw u wnt 2 c my luck nxt time (u wish!).
i feel like a bd mum – dis space been v neglectd,wil think of sumtin betta.finally playd god of war,am officially in lust wit d albino dont ask its a lose-win relationship,wit d blades attachd 2 his body n all,but u do get 2 play a war-crazy-on-d-verge-of-insanity-stitchd-face-gruffy-voicd man,jus wat d doc recommend.
nw gt bck 2 work!

One thought on “am in d 2nd yr!

  1. LO! Did you try and ring me a few days ago? i take it you passed, WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!Best of luck for the new "academic" year, we’re all gonna need ithave you got the email from jane sail? what re you gonna write? i am not an old queenswoodian, i refused to pay upem

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