i think i hv pissd ’em off (YES!!!)

i mean d 2yr olds dat stay on my floor.it all strrtd when they were hvin their usual 4am convo (which consisits of grunts,animal noises n a whole lot of stupidity).as u cn imagine,i was my usual pissd off self,n i finally came out guns blazin (yes em,when wil i learn?probly neva).anyhoo,i told em off.my quips consistd of shut up,"who did i piss off in a former life 2 hv 2yr olds as flatmates?" any1 who knws me,knw i talk faster thn d speed of sound,beat dat coldplay!so i hd 2 say again,in d process chngd 2yr olds 2 fuckers………yes,i knw v original .i also said 1 of ’em was as pink as his shirt (d idiot said it was a racist comment,no silly its a statemnt of fact),d dufuss counterd dat i was as blck as my shirt (i agreed since i say dat evry day)NOTE: he currently livin in denial n is shorter thn me.

so i decided 2 giv ’em some soundtrack 2 their happy hr circa lenny kravitz’s greatest hits on full blast.they counter by playin dance music on a more superior sound sys.i aint botherd,then d stupid children decide 2 set off 2 fire xtinguishers on my door (not v wise).well,security coms 2 our floor,pounds on my door (as u cn imagine,i didnt answer).

d weird thing is they were more concernd bout who set d xtinguishers on my door,than my music (which i stoppd playin,when d 5th or 6th track ended,so it wud sound like it finishd instead of me quittin…..i knw,am stil as sturborn as hell.well,they (actually i think its all of us) fined cuz they didnt snitch on who set d xtinguishers off on my door.all in all,its been a lovely wednesdy.



durin all d ruckus,i was readin where rainbows end by cecelia ahern.hw was ur dy?

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