hi5 (yes again)

as u cn c i cnt sleep,so i decided 2 go 2 d thingy again.

anyhoo,i startd lookin at ppl’s pics dat i hadnt seen in 4-10 yrs.i knw am a grandma! i actually got so bored n i started readin their testimonials n remberd y i hated my secondry skool.note 2 parents neva send ur daugthers 2 an all gals skool,d bitchness n utter shit cud ruin their lives.loads of fake friends,all d bck stabbin non of d BB contestnts cn beat som gals i’ve observd in my life.honestly.wow,i hv officially seen d nxt generation of nigerian female politicians unless they’ve changd,d future doesnt look orange at all,more like crimson.well mayb its jus mt pessimistic approach 2 life or i need more sleep or mayb jus let go.





yada,yada,yada,i hv finishd whinnin.u cud beat me if i bring up dis topic again.but rember i will sue!


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