House of wax

ahh,dis movie is soo cliche ridden elements of all horror movies,literally cm 2 bite u in d ass.ouch!

i actually laffd durin d whole movie,nt a single scream escapd my lips nt 1,unless u call a gasp a ucn imagine my fave scene was seein paris gttin killed a la javelin style her head was d bulls eye,hd d best n loudest laff here,d gal cn scream,i giv her times….

anyhoo,d whole twin tin was gttin on my nerves.d whole gd n evil 1..cud kill d writers who btw r twins.BAA!a bd waste of sm gd talent (robert ri’chard).they made him more like a v horny bf wit music issues.nice gooey end tho.


do u hv an evil twin?


One thought on “House of wax

  1. Hey fanks 4 signin my blog. people i no r using this as a dissin page lol. Ne way as i dont no ya, i carnt dis u, so im signing it instead.

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