Things 2 to do at d club

if ur me,since i dnt drink or smoke (d whole world goes "huh?!,whos dis bein")

  1. sit there
  2. yab evrybody (those dancin,toastin
  3. if u gt approachd (whos d poor sod,do i look sane?),just think bout d guy’s bad breath(90% of em alwayz)
  4. yawn n sleep (if sittin there doesnt work 4 u)
  5. day dream(denzel’s always available durin dis period)
  6. if d worst coms,dance (am d definition of 2 left feet,check d dictionry)
  7. designatd bodyguard durin gt 2gthr moments,yes em,Q’s hauntin me again.i was v effective,even hd 2 rugby tackle.i aint givin names(E goes phew!)

if ur em

  1. gt d bloody pitcher of vanilla vod n rock on!dis works 4 d rest of Q,esp val,since shes gone after d 1st shot,weakling!




eva been dry-humpd by a strangr in d club?u really dnt wnt 2 knw

One thought on “Things 2 to do at d club

  1. WAZOAHHH! EXAMS OVER! I am off to get pissed. Au revoir.I got burnt in the sun today – very red and stingy. Whoops. ouch. thats what comes from sitting in the pub garden not drinking.

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