they r at it again wit d animal noises!


shut ur soddin mouths up!em cud u mail me d rusty spoon quicky.04:05 n they r makin these hideous noises.i wil ovacom dis temptation 2 kill,i must!

all u babalawos (4 non-9jans,witch doctors) sud gt 2 work wit d cursin nw!


update:em,i cud b there in a jiffy,just tell me d nearest train station,do u wnt me 2 com fully loaded?or just my foul mouth?



need free anger managmnt classes pronto!




One thought on “they r at it again wit d animal noises!

  1. my rusty spoon is needed here, i asked the people next door to keep the noise down at 3.00am, and they looked at me in stunned silence. then i went away, and i heard "fuch em, fuck em, FUCK THEM". Then they were slamming the door again and again really loudly. then they came and spat at my door and startd kicking it. luckily, i have moved rooms and they didt know, so they were donig it to the wrong door. but it kept me up till aabout 5, and i got up at 6 cos i have an exam this morning.grrrrrr.

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