Paris Hilton

wat in God’s name does dis child wnt?!d chic luvs attention like a’s painful dat she cud b d future owner of d hilton empire (eeck!).imagine in 2022,u go in d hilton n d bedroom all pink (drats!) n u hv ur own complimentry chihuahua (double drats!).INSTANT DEATH!well theres luv at 1st site (i call it luv at 1st foolishness),so dis wud b death at 1st glimpse (mayb at 1st breath,since it wud smell like her – ovapowerin n irritatin)

did u knw dat paris ad (d net version runs 4 a min)actually cuzed their server 2 crash.mayb d guys mistook it 4 1 nite in paris.d site was dwn 4 4hrs……we need denzel ads,men sudnt gt all d fun.d site wud b done 4 days mayb yrs.

em,rember d day we were watchin top of d pops.d guys gt an eyeful of kylie,jamelia’s undawear,rachel stevens n co.n wat did we ladies gt?FATMAN fuckin SCOOP TOPLESS!DAMMIT!it aint fair!

bck 2 d issue,wetin u guys think bout paris?d best tin 2 happen 2 mankind/bimbo kind? or i dunno really ur call…….



paris,dnt 4gt bout d millions,i asked 4


2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton

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