Food glorious food

dnt knw d rest of d sng,only knw those 3 (really 2) wrds.

anyhoo,decided 2 dumb myself by watchin d new burger ad featurin paris hilton (yea d 60s xtended version,so pls 4giv me if i strt sayin sweetie n writin xxxx).well,neva really was a burger fan n paris didnt really cure dat disease 4 me.since d ad was male orientd,thnk God she didnt!

well,i decided 2 check d cary jr. website,DAMN!!those burgers lookd hot (says in american bimbo accent).it was like i died n went 2 burger heaven where calories r obsolete (ATTENTION ALL U VEGANS,VEGITRNS N STICK INSECTS:ur missin out on som gd shit!4gt d carrot sticks,kabbalah strings,cigs n britney spears n sink ur teeth in them.yes,i cud tell just by lookin.then,mayb ur man wud b happy when u hv an ass like mine)


paris,sweetie, cud u "lend" me a couple of millions….ur my new BFFxxxx(adaobi hs died n is currently spendin "1 nite in paris")


2 thoughts on “Food glorious food

  1. well,paris has done an ad for carl jr,fast food restrnt,where shes washin a bently in a black swimsuit,while shes also choppin on their burger "d $6 burger"(talk bout multi-taskin)…..its d new shit drivin d yanks crazy.bloody burgers bigger than her hand!

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