seriously,wat kind of loony bins hv been assignd 2 dis floor?am i d only human on dis floor?dat tells u hw bonkers these shitheads r,if am referin 2 myself as human

they cnt sing,they cnt dance afta all dis aint franceyes my shameless ripe off of beauty n d beast’s "b r guest" ,if d audio bullys cn do it wit nancy sinatra’s classic,i cn.they r spoilin d new instant pop classic 1 thing wit their terrible singin n dancin (yes white ppl cnt dance,no offence em n co).they hv murded d whole meanin of 1,2 step,its more like fallin into d abyss stance nw.n they’ve been playin dat stupid non-entity calld d crazy frog!imagine sm shithead hd d nerve 2 say "its amazin",she must b blonde(no offence again 2 all blondes out there,hey u gt more fun).

nw anoda gal’s killin dnt phunk wit my heart,nw shes fuckin wit my ears,head n possibly my heart ER here i com, A&E there she goes


i knw,i hv lots of pent-up frustration.dnt wrry i wont kill them………….

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