dis is officially d best way 2 spend ur free time – doin absolutly nuttin!.hvnt showerd,just lazyin away in bed DLin i hv been bannd 2ce 4 "xcessive DLin",i only hv 4gbs left on my lappy,which hs an 80g mem,dont ask


i really need 2 eat,am famishd,but am 2 lazy 2 gt up,no surprise there

wil leave u wit dis track by obiwon calld get em off.he sings d hook in my language(igbo which i cnt speak,yes i knw am a disgrace since i’ve been livin in nigeria all my life).wil translate when i gt d full deal,but all i cn say is hes dissin her



yes i wil take my shower in 5mins.i mean it honestly!



2 thoughts on “Loungin

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