nw they r makin animal noises!nw som shithead’s screamin wanker.y am i always stuck wit these kind of numskulls.nw they r callin each other wankers,nw they r chantin


oh Lord giv me d strength nt 2 kill these misrable bastards.y is it these boys (they cnt b classified as men) dnt hv any sense!nw they r doin cat n dog noises! em cud i borrow ur rusty spoon?

eva wonder y these boys call themselves wankers n they gt pissd?doesnt make any sense,since they actually do it.so its more like statin d fact.n y dnt they knw hw 2 flush d toilet?y dnt they knw hw 2 pee?they bloody hold d damn thing but they pee vrywhere xcept d toilet!so much 4 direction

does anybody hv a remote control wit d kill button on it?

u wud undastand d title,if u’ve read any of d artemis fowl novels.


One thought on “D’ARVIT!!!

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