Y I Outha….


its official,am d only human on dis floor!som stupid sod is busy makin really weird noises.more prehistoric thn normal skreechin he usually makes.happens 2b d same dufus dat screams his head off (he thinks hes talkin) at 4am(happy hr on my floor),sings like a banshee n screams "oh my God" 1/2 d time.DAMN!i dnt knw his name but i knw his voice btw which i hv grown 2 hate.seriously,am really contemplatin killin i knw d KKK wud b happy but i need 2 avoid temptation.it betta nt b d dude wit d crutches or else i wud break his gd leg!

cn u blive it,i hv been in uni 4 a yr n i stil dnt knw d name or face of my nxt door neighbour- their names bein on their doors doesnt count cuz i dnt knw d name 2 d face.

em there’s a high probability dat ellie is 1 of my flatmates.wont it b weird dat i hvnt seen her n she’d been or my floor d whole time? me thinks i sud repair my specs


i wish i hd d blades of chaos(kratos’ weapon),wud shut up dat dufus permenently


One thought on “Y I Outha….

  1. wow, do you really think Ellie’s on your floor! hahahaahbut surely if she was she would have come and found you by now.

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