God Of War

am so hyped up 4 dis game,i was practically droolin while i was on d website.i just cnt wait – actually i cn


y do we hv 2 wait 3mths 2 gt dis game,while d yanks gt it 1st?it aint fair i tell ya!bloody marketin excs n distributors!d uk version betta b betta thn d us version.

anyhoo,u sud c d fightin sequences,they r 2 die 4 ok mayb d blood’s a bit kill billish,but it cnt all b perfect.if ur into greek myth,u’d luv all baddies u gt 2 fight.d infamous medusa bein 1 of em (if u’ve played hercules,it aint anytin like dat 1,u actually hv 2 whoop her ass in person n nt run around).anoda gem,d hydra recall slash 1 head 2 sprout n so forth.amngst otha "beauties"-cyclops (no nt d cutie in x-men),sirens,minotaurs,centaurs,d classic undead n of course ares,d greek god of war himself.

am sure ur wonderin whos d madman,yup hes kratos (yes d scary lookin pale mortal below)hes hell bent on killin d said god of war.well u cn gt d full deal on d website.


btw does any1 hav a screwdriver?indeed i talk 2much.seriously,do u hv 1?


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