The year 1985

yea,yea here i go again bout my age again.i blive i hv hit my mid-life crisis,i hvnt even turnd 20 yet n am already depressd…..i really need 2 revise i hv my last xm 2dy,am so happy dat am confusd ,help!!!

anyhoo,i decided 2 look at d famous ppl who share my birth yr(poor sods!),they r quite a talented bunch,it aint fair i tell u.there r footballers,actors n singers……i repeat it aint fair!!!

well heres d list

  • February 5Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer
  • February 18Lee Boyd Malvo, convicted Beltway sniper
  • February 20Yulia Volkova, Russian musician (t.A.T.u.)
  • February 28FeFe Dobson, Canadian singer
  • March 2Robert Iler, actor
  • March 13Emile Hirsch, actor
  • March 26Keira Knightley, actress
  • May 2Sarah Hughes, figure skater
  • June 8Alexandre Despatie, Canadian diver
  • June 26Urgyen Trinley Dorje, Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader
  • June 30Michael Phelps, American swimmer
  • October 11Michelle Trachtenberg, actress
  • October 22Zachary Hanson, musician
  • October 24Wayne Rooney, English footballer
  • November 10Giovonnie Samuels, television actress
  • December 2Liene Buldure, streaker
  • December 5Frankie Muniz, actor
  • December 10Raven Symone, actress and singer
  • i repeat it aint fair!!!my xm is in 6hrs 15mins.


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