The Day I Was Born

"1985 – The volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupts and melts a glacier, causing a lahar (volcanic mudslide) that buries Armero, Colombia, killing approximately 23,000 people."

if u dnt blive me check d website.i hv 4gotten wat i said b4,stupid comp went ga ga so am writin from scratch again!so u c my birth day wasnt really gd,so in d great words of micheal kyle "dnt mess wit me man!"


in more events related news,

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter to a friend, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." yea d death thing again

in 2004,Ol’ Dirty Bastard passed away nt my fault honestly

In 1956, the Supreme Court struck down laws calling for racial segregation on public buses smtin gd 4 a change


in more birth related news,i might as well mention some of my famous bday mates(like they knw i exist),

  1. whoopi goldberg,dats y am funny(em stop laffin,no yemi i dnt look like her,dnt insult d poor woman)
  2. ron artest,dats y am a ruffain(4 non-americans n non-nba fans,hes had several ruff ends wit ppl n was suspended 4 fightin wit a fellow baller n d audience)
  3. robert louis stevenson,dats y am a gd writer(shut up all ye unbelievers)
  4. rachel bilson(d chic in oc),we hv nuttin in common,mayb our slight obsession wit seth,but nuttin really
  5. steve zahn,anoda comedian,u c am really funny(em u cn stop laffin nw)

update:gd luck em,u’ll b aiirite….u gonna kick ass!

5dwn,1 2 go.yes,i knw i talk 2much wil shut up now


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