Is dis thing on??

testin testin 1,2,3….testin testin 1,2,3….testin testin 1,2,3….

eva had those annoyin buggers sayin dat nxt door cuz they’ve a mic n dnt knw hw 2 use it??bloody annoyin!speakin of annoyin wat gts on ur nerves?well anybody who knws me wil knw d whole ppl on my floor piss me off dnt b surprisd if u hear in d news 2morow dat a black woman has killd her whole white flatmates,d KKK wil hv a field day

anyhoo,i wantd 2 c if dis stuff really wrks – d whole music playin on my space thing – 4 me.since em wil b d only 1 checkin on my site,i decided 2 play a sng she may hate (wud b funny if she llikes it).d sng’s calld vibrate by petey pablo ft rasheeda.DIRRTY SOUTH!

well 4 dwn 2 to go.wil b livin in d cinema as from nxt if ur lookin 4 me(which i highly doubt),wil b in amc.

yes i knw i talk 2 much


One thought on “Is dis thing on??

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